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Young Enterprises LLC

Oil-Eating Microbes

Our patented products combat hydrocarbon pollution through the use of naturally-occurring beneficial microbes placed in floating foam carriers. The foam acts like a boom, attracting and absorbing hydrocarbons and many other water pollutants -- oils, gas, grease, diesel, kerosene, MTBE, nitrates -- and our microbes then digest those pollutants through the natural process of bioremediation.

Boats and Marine Environment

Microbial bioremediation is an environmentally sound solution to hydrocarbon pollution found in many bodies of water: bilges of boats, marinas, lakes, rivers, salt ponds, estuaries, and watersheds. Our microbes digest pollutants on the water surface and convert them to environmentally beneficial water-soluble fatty acids. Our products help recreational boaters, commercial fishermen and all size commercial vessels to keep their bilges oil-free, and help marinas to clean up oil spills at fueling stations.

Young Enterprises Microbial Powder

Stormwater Runoff

Our microbial booms have many applications in the remediation of stormwater runoff. They can be deployed in catch basins, vaults, filter media, oil water separators, detention ponds and retention wells.

Parking Lots

We are now deploying our bilge pad and bilge pillow into parking lot catch basins to clean up fats, oils and grease in runoffs of parking lots. These products can easily be tied off and require little if any maintenance, for a simple and effective treatment of containment runoff in parking lots.

Grease Traps and Holding Tanks

Our microbial powders are deployed in restaurant grease traps, septic systems, and holding tanks of boats and R/Vís, where the microbes will not only consume the grease and organic matter but also eliminate (and not just mask) odors.

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