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There are at least three general applications for Young Enterprises microbes:

Our Microbes Break Down Oils, Fats, and/or Greases in Marine Environments, Ecologically Sensitive Lands, and Freshwater Surfaces and Conveyances (pipes):

  • At marinas to eliminate sheens on surface water- a potentially Federal/State reportable condition. [Our products support the CLEAN MARINA INITIATIVE PROGRAM of NOAA]
  • In ship/boat bilges to clean-up and eliminate costly pump-outs and disposal fees
  • To treat spills on fresh or brackish water surfaces such as ponds, lakes, rivers, estuaries, wetlands, streams, and lagoons
  • In retention/detention ponds to help reduce stagnant water odor, organic waste build-ups and algae blooms
  • In stormwater catch basins/piping to help purify waters leaving the storm water system and entering surface waters

Our Microbes Reduce Organic Waste Build-up In:

  • Septic Systems reducing solids and lessen the frequency of pump-outs
  • Ship/Boat holding tanks and RV holding tanks helping to reduce the volume of organic matter and eliminate odors
  • Agricultural settings where manure treatment can lower volumes and noxious conditions
  • In fish/shellfish cleaning areas to reduce odors and lower organic waste run-off
  • In restaurant grease traps to break down organics and reduce pump-out frequency
  • In the bedding of horse barns to eliminate ammonia, slowly destroy manure, control or eliminate flies and keep the floors clean
  • In highly visible recreational areas such as beaches that are subject to organic waste overloads from septic systems, pet wastes, or other factors. [Young's microbes will digest the nutrients that E. coli feed upon cutting off their food supply]

Our Microbes Break Down and Treat Industrial Wastes On or In:

  • Oil/water separators to lower oil volumes and disposal costs
  • Parking lots to eliminate sheens, oil build-up, and dangerous slippery conditions
  • Industrial sumps and tanks to help lower concentrations of contaminants and potential discharges
  • Concrete or other semi-porous surfaces to eliminate oils and slick spots
  • Hard to get at areas where a spill has occurred such as in crushed rock areas, riprap, or in voids that if left untreated could create vapors, odors, or other unacceptable conditions
  • Oily drums or containers to assist in cleaning and reduce waste disposal costs

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