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Young Enterprises has developed a number of patented packaging options to assist in the proper application of microbes given the type of treatment necessary. These options take into consideration the size of the area to be treated, the type of media (water, land, concrete, etc.) to be treated, and the proper consortium mix (strength) necessary to accomplish the job. Various packaging options (loose powder, booms, pads, pouches, pillows, etc.) are recommended and available for different treatment scenarios right off the shelf. In addition, packaging volumes, lengths, widths, etc. can be designed under special order to meet specific requirements or limitations posed by the clean-up at hand. All products are manufactured in-house.

Please call us at 781-878-0233 for bulk, wholesale and distributor pricing.

NOTE: For international orders, please call us directly at 781-878-0233.

The following packaging options are available with suggestions as to when they should be utilized:

Tank Tablets for Liquifying Solids and Eliminating Odors in Holding Tanks:

Young Enterprises has developed a small tablet, the Tank Tablet, to treat holding tanks and home septic systems. The microbes in the Tank Tablets consume the ammonia which causes offensive odors, and they break down organic solids so that the tank works more efficiently. The microbes also prevent crystal build-up in the pump-out equipment, adding another benefit to boat owner maintenance.

This 3-gram tablet contains 60 billion microbes -- a consortium of 100 species of aerobic, micro-aerobic and facultative anaerobes of the Archaea domain.

The Tank Tablets are packaged as either 10 or 24 tablets in a clear, easy-to-dispense tube. A boat or RV owner would simply add one tablet each time the black water holding tank is emptied.

Our beneficial microbe product was recommended in the August 2012 issue of Practical Sailor magazine as a product that actually solves the problem of holding tank odors instead of simply masking or partially reducing odors.

Microbes are nature’s way of recycling organic materials. Our beneficial microbe Tank Tablets work in harmony with this natural processes. We are as ‘green’ as it gets.

Tank Tablets Pricing:

a) 10-Tablet Tube For Liquifying Solids and Eliminating Odors in Holding Tanks - $14.95 each tube
b) 24-Tablet Tube For Septic Systems - $27.90 each tube
Young Enterprises Tank Tablets
Tank Tablets
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Microbial Powder (loose):

Our microbe powder can be sprinkled on surfaces such as pavement, concrete, water (ponds etc), wood and grass - anywhere there is a spill. Simply sprinkle the microbes on the surface, mist with water and wait 15 minutes while the microbes work to breakdown the oil compounds. The by-product of this remediation process is harmless essential fatty acids which are safe for our ground and waters. Simply scrub up or hose down the spill.

Our microbe powder contains a consortium of 140 billion hydrocarbon digesting microbes per ounce. Unlike surfactants or dispersants which simply break apart the oil so that it is not visible the microbes actually digest the oil so that dangerous hydrocarbon compounds are broken down at the molecular level leaving truly cleaner ground and waters.

Our powder comes in a 6 oz. shaker and a 3 lb. shaker.

Microbial Powder Pricing:

a) 6 oz. shaker - $18.50 each
b) 3 lb. shaker - $58.75 each
Young Enterprises Microbial Powder
Microbial Powder
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Specialty/Packaged Products:

Young Enterprises micropouches, packets, pads, pillows and booms contain pre-measured volumes of Microbial Powder that take the “guess” out of how much Microbial Powder should be added for each type of application. Depending upon the intended use as described on the applications page, a microbial pouch, a larger packet, a foam pad, or a still larger absorbent pillow and/or boom can simply be applied to the clean-up project at hand.

Identified below are typical applications for these microbial carriers.

  • GreaseBuster Packets:
    • Young Enterprises water-soluble GreaseBuster Packets are ideal for treatment of restaurant grease traps, oil/water separators, lift stations and for septic systems. These carriers can be directly applied to the tank, separator or flushed into the septic system. The water soluble packaging will dissolve and release the microbes at the source of the problem.

      GreaseBuster Packets Pricing:

      a) ¼ lb. pre-measured packets - $68.00 per box of 6 packets
Young Enterprises Greasebuster Packets
Greasebuster Packets
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  • Shark Microbial Bilge Pads:
    • The ‘Shark’ Bilge Pad eliminates oil and odors in the bilge.

      Our Bilge Shark is a patented pad that is embedded with the archaea microbes. It is tied off at any convenient location in the bilge and floats on the surface of the bilge water, continuously absorbing and remediating oil sheens. This natural recycling process results in a water-soluble fatty acid by-product which is used by fish and vegetation as a food source. Unlike surfactants or dispersants which simply break apart the oil so that it is not visible, or absorbants which have to be disposed of and go on to contaminate another site, the archaea microbes actually digest the oil so that dangerous hydrocarbon compounds are broken down at the molecular level leaving truly cleaner waters. The archaea microbes in our products multiple every 20 minutes when activated in water and continue to work for about three months. After use, simply replace the Bilge Pad for another three months of a clean, odor-free bilge.

      Shark Microbial Bilge Pads Pricing:

      a) Shark-shape - $17.75 each
Young Enterprises Microbial Powder
Shark Microbial Bilge Pads
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  • Large Boat Bilge Pads:
    • Our Large Boat Bilge Pad eliminates oils and odors in the bilge so that no contaminants remain. Each pad contains 600 billion Archaea microbes and will treat boats 40 ft and up. The result is a clean bilge without messy absorbents or chemical dispersants.

      Simply tie-off the Bilge Pad at a convenient location in your bilge. The microbes are activated by water so your bilge must have water in it for the microbes to work. Once tied-off, the pad will float on the water and the microbes will continuously work to consume any oil sheens. The microbes multiple every 20 minutes so you will be building up a healthy colony of beneficial microbes that will continue to work in your bilge for 3-4 months. After this time, simply replace with a new pad.

      Large Boat Bilge Pad Pricing:

      a) 24" x 6" x 1" Pad - $27.50 each
Young Enterprises Large Boat Bilge Pads
Large Boat Bilge Pads
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  • Horse Scents Microbes for Horse Barns:
    • Young Enterprises Horse Scents Microbes can be deployed in horse barns and animal grow outs such as hog farms and poultry pens. Sprinkle Horse Scents Microbes in the bedding of horse stalls. Horse Scents break down urine and feces, naturally converting them into carbon dioxide and water- soluble fatty acids.

      MICROBES THRIVE ON AMMONIA AND WILL ELIMINATE IT. They will digest the fat in fecal matter and break the manure down, helping to eliminate accompanying odors, control flies and keep the floor clean.

      Our Archaea microbes are 100% natural and environmentally safe, non-toxic and non-pathogenic, so treated manure may be used as a natural fertilizer enriched with water-soluble fatty acids.

      Horse Scents Pricing:

      a) 3 lb. shaker - $58.75 each
Young Enterprises Horse Scents Microbes
Horse Scents Microbes
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All products are manufactured in-house

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