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Shark Microbial Bilge Pads

Young Enterprises Microbial Bilge Pads
Shark-shape foam carrier with microbial tablets

The ‘Shark’ Bilge Pad eliminates oil and odors in the bilge.

Our Bilge Shark is a patented pad that is embedded with the archaea microbes. It is tied off at any convenient location in the bilge and floats on the surface of the bilge water, continuously absorbing and remediating oil sheens. This natural recycling process results in a water-soluble fatty acid by-product which is used by fish and vegetation as a food source. Unlike surfactants or dispersants which simply break apart the oil so that it is not visible, or absorbants which have to be disposed of and go on to contaminate another site, the archaea microbes actually digest the oil so that dangerous hydrocarbon compounds are broken down at the molecular level leaving truly cleaner waters. The archaea microbes in our products multiple every 20 minutes when activated in water and continue to work for about three months. After use, simply replace the Bilge Pad for another three months of a clean, odor-free bilge.

Shark Microbial Bilge Pads Pricing:

b) Shark-shape - $17.75 each

All products are manufactured in-house

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