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Horse Scents Microbes

Young Enterprises Horse Scents Microbes
Available in 3 lb. easy to use shaker bottle

Young Enterprises Horse Scents Microbes can be deployed in horse barns and animal grow outs such as hog farms and poultry pens. Sprinkle Horse Scents Microbes in the bedding of horse stalls. Horse Scents break down urine and feces, naturally converting them into carbon dioxide and water- soluble fatty acids.

MICROBES THRIVE ON AMMONIA AND WILL ELIMINATE IT. They will digest the fat in fecal matter and break the manure down, helping to eliminate accompanying odors, control flies and keep the floor clean.

Our archaea microbes are 100% natural and environmentally safe, non-toxic and non-pathogenic, so treated manure may be used as a natural fertilizer enriched with water-soluble fatty acids.

Recommendations for Horse Scents Microbes:

Dr. William Langbauer, Director, Buttonwood Park Zoo :

In the elephant barn the daily use of Young's microbial powder has had a positive impact on odors and the sanitation of our floors thereby diminishing the use of harsh disinfectants. The microbes have contributed to healthy foot conditions of our animals.

Jacqueline Peeler, Assistant Director, Henson Robinson Zoo :

We used Young microbial powder in our horse barn to see how it would work on reducing odors in the stalls. We applied the microbial powder several times and did see a reduction in the overall odor from the stall.

Kathy La Counte, Owner, Oakland Farms :


Horse Scents Pricing:

a) 3 lb. Shaker - $58.75 each

All products are manufactured in-house

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