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Tank Tablets
for Liquifying Solids
and Eliminating Odors
in Holding Tanks

3-gram tablets, in packages of 10-count and 24-count

Young Enterprises has developed a small tablet, the Tank Tablet, to treat holding tanks and home septic systems. The microbes in the Tank Tablets consume the ammonia which causes offensive odors, and they break down organic solids so that the tank works more efficiently. The microbes also prevent crystal build-up in the pump-out equipment, adding another benefit to boat owner maintenance.

This 3-gram tablet contains 60 billion microbes -- a consortium of 100 species of aerobic, micro-aerobic and facultative anaerobes of the Archaea domain.

The Tank Tablets are packaged as either 10 or 24 tablets in a clear, easy-to-dispense tube. A boat or RV owner would simply add one tablet each time the black water holding tank is emptied.

Our beneficial microbe product was recommended in the August 2012 issue of Practical Sailor magazine as a product that actually solves the problem of holding tank odors instead of simply masking or partially reducing odors.

Microbes are nature’s way of recycling organic materials. Our beneficial microbe Tank Tablets work in harmony with this natural processes. We are as ‘green’ as it gets.

Tank Tablets Pricing:

a) 10-Tablet Tube For Liquifying Solids and Eliminating Odors in Holding Tanks - $14.95 each tube
b) 24-Tablet Tube For Septic Systems - $27.90 each tube

All products are manufactured in-house

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