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Microbial Powder

Young Enterprises Microbial Powder
6 oz. shaker bottle
(also available in 3 lb. shaker bottle)

Our microbe powder can be sprinkled on surfaces such as pavement, concrete, water (ponds etc), wood and grass - anywhere there is a spill. Simply sprinkle the microbes on the surface, mist with water and wait 15 minutes while the microbes work to breakdown the oil compounds. The by-product of this remediation process is harmless essential fatty acids which are safe for our ground and waters. Simply scrub up or hose down the spill.

Our microbe powder contains a consortium of 140 billion hydrocarbon digesting microbes per ounce. Unlike surfactants or dispersants which simply break apart the oil so that it is not visible the microbes actually digest the oil so that dangerous hydrocarbon compounds are broken down at the molecular level leaving truly cleaner ground and waters.

Our powder comes in a 6 oz. shaker and a 3 lb. shaker.

Microbial Powder Pricing:

a) 6 oz. shaker - $18.50 each
b) 3 lb. shaker - $58.75 each

All products are manufactured in-house

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